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ANSGE Tire Suggestion of Reasonable loading and Tyre driving safety

ANSGE Tire Suggestion of Reasonable loading and Tyre driving safety

Reasonable loading
1. There is a corresponding relationship between tyre load and air pressure. Excessive load is similar to low air pressure, which will cause tyre damage.
2. Frequently used under overload, the service life of the tyre will be reduced by 20%~50%.
3. The wrong loading method not only affects driving safety, but also causes uneven tyre load, which affects the excessive load of individual tyres.
4. Overloading will shorten the potential life of your tyres and cannot be retreaded and reused.

Tyre driving safely
1. New tyres also have a period of wear during use, generally around 200 kilometers.
2. After driving at high speed for a period of time (usually 1 to 2 hours), you should take a break and check the tyres.
3. Avoid sudden starts, sudden braking, and sharp turns.
4. Avoid overloading and speeding.
5. Slow down on poor roads to avoid severe impact on the tyres.
6. The retreaded tyres are not allowed to be used on the front wheels.
7. If the tyre is worn to the wear mark, it must be replaced.
8. If the tyre fails, it should be replaced immediately.


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