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SEMA Show Las Vegas modified car spare parts exhibition

SEMA Show Las Vegas modified car spare parts exhibition is the world's leading trade event for professional auto and motorcycle products. Bringing together the most advanced technology and best-selling products in the industry. The unlimited business opportunities and profits created by SEMA Show have attracted more than 100,000 senior leaders of the automotive industry from more than 100 countries around the world.
Las Vegas International Auto Modification and Parts Expo, as the world's most famous modified car and modified parts exhibition and one of the world's largest professional exhibitions in the automotive after-sales service market, SEMA 2007 has attracted various manufacturers from all over the world. Manufacturers, sellers of cars and manufacturers and dealers of professional tuning parts. The exhibition area of this exhibition reached 2 million square feet (approximately equal to 186,000 square meters), the number of exhibitors exceeded 2,000, and the number of visitors exceeded 500,000.
This year's SEMA Show is divided into eleven themed display areas, namely pickup trucks, SUVs and off-road product display areas (Trucks, SUVs & Off-Road), competition and performance display areas (Racing & Performance), performance Tires and wheels display Performance Tires & Wheels, Business Services, Car Care & Accessories, Mobile Electronics & Technology, Restoration Marketplace , personality modification and product display area (Restyling & Accessories), classic car display area (Hot Rod Alley), tools and equipment display area (Tools & Equipment), original manufacturer display area (OEM).
At the same time, there are more than 2,000 new products on display at the exhibition, which are listed in the new product display area carefully prepared by the organizing committee, and are equipped with detailed product descriptions. These new products are also displayed on the booths of various companies. Yellow eye-catching logo mark, easy for the audience to find. For many exhibitors, the audience flow and professionalism of SEMA exhibition are satisfactory. SEMA exhibition also has an important position in the world's major auto parts exhibitions with its high degree of specialization and perfect service system.
Scope of Exhibits: Editing and Broadcasting
Business Services, Auto Care and Parts, Vintage Cars, Automotive Electronics and Technology, Performance Tires and Wheels, Racing Performance Parts, Collectibles, Auto Tools and Equipment, Trucks, RVs and Off-Roaders, Automakers, etc. .


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