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The 14th China (Guangrao) International Rubber Tire and Auto Parts Exhibition

The 14th China (Guangrao) International Rubber Tire and Auto Parts Exhibition

Since 2010, China (Guangrao) International Rubber Tire and Auto Parts Exhibition has always adhered to the positioning of a national exhibition platform, highlighted the characteristics of the tire industry base, integrated industry resources, and mainly exhibited tire products, wheel products, car maintenance and repair equipment, Rubber tire machinery and equipment, rubber raw and auxiliary materials, auto parts and other exhibits. The exhibition obtained certification from the International Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI) in September 2015, and has been continuously rated as "China's Top Ten Brand Exhibition Projects", "2020 Shandong Province Outstanding Exhibition Brand Exhibition" and "2021-2022 Influential Brand in China's Exhibition Industry" It has grown into a world-renowned professional tire exhibition and a well-known technical exchange and trade cooperation platform in the global rubber tire industry, making positive contributions to the international development of Shandong Province and even China's rubber tire industry.

The 14th Tire Exhibition is planned to be held at Guangrao International Expo Center from May 15th to 17th, 2024. The planned exhibition area is 52,000 square meters (an additional exhibition area of 4,000 square meters compared with the previous session), with 7 exhibition areas. It is expected that more than 780 exhibitors will be present, and 60,000 professional buyers will attend the exhibition (an increase of approximately 1 from the previous session). 10,000 names)
The scope of exhibits includes:
tire products
Various vehicle tires, tire manufacturing and design, tire accessories and accessories, retread tire products and tire related products, etc.
wheel products
Steel wheels, aluminum wheels, production raw materials, production equipment
Rubber tire machinery and equipment
Tire manufacturing and testing complete sets of equipment, stand-alone machines, technology and molds, etc.
Tire retreading equipment and raw materials
Tire repair raw materials, repair molds, repair extrusion machines, tread rubber, repair frames, etc.
Rubber raw and auxiliary materials
Natural rubber, synthetic rubber, recycled rubber, carbon black, various additives, fillers, steel cords, skeleton materials, etc.
Car repair and maintenance equipment
Repair equipment, maintenance equipment, testing and diagnostic equipment and various tools
auto parts
Chassis system, braking system, driving system, steering system, body and component system, automotive glass, electronic and electrical systems, exhaust system, automotive air conditioning and cooling system, automotive parts manufacturing equipment and technology, automotive modification and modification parts

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