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Tire and Rim International Tyre Expo in China

China (Guangrao) International Rubber Tire & Auto Accessory Exhibition
Exhibit Profile
tires, tire accessories, retreaded tires
aluminum wheel, steel wheel and accessories
rubber technology, tire production and test equipment, wheel production equipment, rubber mechanical and test equipment, retreading equipment and technology
rubber raw and auxiliary materials, carbon black, rubber chemicals, fillers, steel cord
maintenance equipment, detection and diagnosis equipment and tools
auto accessory, industry magazines, media

China International Tire & Wheel (Qingdao) Fair
Exhibits Range:
TY:tires, casings, tubes for agricultural vehicles, mining vehicles, military vehicles, trucks and cars, etc.
TE:  equipment for tire repairs
RM: wheels/rims, tire accessories
RE: materials, plants, equipment, tools for tire & wheel production and tire retreading

China International Tire Expo

was established in 2003 by Reliable International Exhibition Services Co.,Ltd.. The aim of organizing this exhibition is to deliver a high quality and effective trade platform for the worldwide tire and wheel (rim) industry. The exhibit profile of CITEXPO not only covers the producing material and machinery for tire and wheel (rim), but also involved a wide variety of tire and wheel (rim) products, aftermarket services and related equipment. The abundant product series make CITEXPO to become one of the most successful trade show for tire and wheel rim industry chain in the worldwide. Furthermore, the our show is also offering on of the best market place for the global buyers and suppliers or sellers.

Jiangsu Double Safe Tire Co., Ltd. will provide domestic and foreign customers with high-quality tires, inner tubes, flaps and other rubber products of "DoubleSafe" and "Ansge" brands.


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